Surf School

Beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer – we do surf classes for every level.

We are perfectly located in the north of Fuerteventura and close to many surf spots with swells all year round. Our experienced surf instructors check the wave forecasts daily and choose the best conditions for the students.

Our classes are from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 15 pm, depending on the distance to the surfspot. The afternoon you can spend individually, relax, explore the island or go for another surf session.

surf sessions of 4-5 hours ~
surf coaching and theoretical education~
join surf classes any time ~
max. 8 students per coach ~

~ afternoon sessions bookable 
~ surfboard, wetsuit & booties included
~ equipment after lessons available
~ transfer to the beach


In the basic-I class you learn in small groups how to do your first steps on a surf board safely and get a taste of the fascination of surfing. Our instructors teach you the basics and you will be able to do the take off and surf the white water in one week. Objectives of the basic-II class are catching green (unbroken) waves, the bottom turn (maneuver) and surfing parallel to the wave. In the theoretical part we tell you everything about safety, waves, weather and material. With intense assistance in the water and video analysis of your first rides, you will get closer to your dream of surfing.
take off ~ catching green waves ~ bottom turn
Optimal conditions
March to November ~ beach breaks


Our experienced instructors will train you directly at the peak and teach you how to do the duck dive or new maneuvers, like the backside turn or cutback. The objectives depend on your individual skills and level and the theoretical part will deepen your surf knowledge. In addition you will learn about mental training, surf history, ding repair and everything you ever wanted to know. Modern equipment (8 different board lengths and types) and video analyses guarantee fast progress and the first rides on a shortboard will give you the taste of the surf nirvana.
cutback ~ backside turn ~ surfing with a shortboard
Optimal conditions
September to June ~ beach and reef breaks


If you are already on a advanced surf level and want to perfect your skills and get intensive personal coaching? The objective of the pro class is controlled surfing in advanced reef and point breaks. Your coach, a licensed life saver, is familiar with the spots of the area and will show you with lot`s of fun, how to do a fast take off, railgrap or the roundhouse move. Motion studies and wave reading are part of the lesson. And by video analyses you will learn how to get back into the wave after a floater or maybe even get recorded the unforgettable memory of your first tube ride.
shortboard technique ~ cut back ~ floater ~ tube ride
Optimal conditions
October to June ~ reef breaks


Jump in our 4WD and check the spots of northern Fuerteventura with a tourguide. Either you`re looking for awesome reef waves of the north shore or a beach break at the stunning beaches of the east and west coast, you will find your spot! Many breaks are only accessible by SUV and without knowledge of the area untraceable. If you want to catch great waves with the dudes and chicks of our camp, grab your board or one of our`s and get started. Boogie boarder and beach addicts are welcome, too! Conditions of participation are a good take of and confident surfing of a 1,5 meter wave.
accomodation ~ spot transfer ~ tips and break info ~ max. 8 surfers per guide
Optimal conditions
all-season for longboarder ~ September to June for shortboarder ~ beach and reef breaks



Perfect for families who want to learn surfing! Parents alternate the class - while one has fun with the kid at the beach, the other one learns how to surf and enjoys the waves. The package includes accomodation in our apartment, a rental car and the surf lesson.
From 790 €

External class

Even if you have booked your accomodation separately, you are still welcome to join our surf classes or you can book a private lesson for you and your friends. The lesson includes the spot transfer, surf coaching with theory lesson, and the surf equipment.

1 day 40 € ~ 3 days 120 € ~ 6 days 240 €


This special is for experienced surfers who want to organise their surf sessions individually. You will stay in a private apartment or the beachhouse. The package includes accomodation, rental car and one surf board per person.
FROM 390 €